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Waiting list REGISTRATION:CLOSED, Consider coming to the MBAMP Spring conference. The date will be posted on the wed site soon.

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A special thanks to Santa Cruz City Schools and Westlake Elementary School.

Brought to you by the MBAMP Math/Art Leadership team:

Karl Schaffer (Co-Director of Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble/MoveSpeakSpin)

Louanne Myers (MBAMP Math Teacher leader, Common Core presenter and SLV teacher)

Michelle Voorhees (MBAMP coordinator and SLV teacher)

Sarah Brothers (Arts Council Santa Cruz County)

Janet Pence (Aptos High School Mathematics teacher, creator of the Course Mathematics of design, currently offered at Aptos High School)

Jamie Andres-Larson (SCCS Teacher)

Special guest presenters will be Crosspulse Artistic Director Keith Terry and elementary school teacher, math visionary Linda Akiyama and Julie Egdahl, WestLake 5th grade teacher.