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Fall  2012

Cal Teach 1 Mathematics Seminar

Thursdays 4:00-5:45

Thimann Labs 391

 Course Instructor:  Judith Montgomery

Judith Montgomery Email judithm (at) ucsc.edu.

Please use the subject heading:  Cal Teach 1


Office: Math Department 4147 4th Floor McHenry

Telephone: 831-459-5703 (email is best)

Email: judithm@ucsc.edu

Office Hours: NEW HOURS Thurs 2:00 p.m. – class time

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The overarching objective of this course is to provide an introduction to the career of teaching math in 6-12 grade level.

In seminar you will participate in activities where you will play the role of a student and/or a teacher in a math class.  In these activities you will experience first hand strategies for mathematics instruction that facilitate a high level of engagement as well as use of academic language.

In seminar, you will share written reflections of readings you do outside of seminar. You will analyze and evaluate classroom observations related to your placement.  You will learn about school and classroom culture, how teachers prepare and implement lessons and how students learn math. 

By the end of the quarter you will:

  • Be familiar with the components of a lesson plan
  • Practice lesson presentation skills
  • Study and observe a variety learning theories and strategies related to student learning
  • Analyze and observe host teacher instruction
  • Be familiar with various classroom management procedures
  • Gain experience in finding resources for teaching mathematics
  • Be familiar with the Standards of Mathematical Practice adopted by California in August 2010


  1. PARTICIPATION IN SEMINAR:  Attend weekly class meetings, complete assigned readings or projects and actively participate in discussions about the readings or sharing the projects during seminar.  Presentations to the seminar class about projects or readings are a part of your participation grade.  OFF - TASK use of electronics (phone or computer) will result in loss of participation points.
  2. POSTER PROJECT: You will create a poster and present it in seminar. Poster guidelines will be provided over multiple weeks with the components building to the final poster. 
  3. WRITE UP of CLASSROOM OBSERVATIONS: Weekly observations from your placement will be written up. You will be presenting your write up in a small group during seminar.
  4. PAPERS ASSIGNED IN SEMINAR:  You will write four 1 – 2 page papers on topics assigned in seminar. Requirements for the papers will be given during the seminar.
  5. TEACHER INTERVIEW: Conduct and write up a teacher interview.  The method will be discussed in seminar.  Write a summary of your findings.
  6. CAL TEACH FINAL REFLECTIONS: Next Steps paper. A written retrospective piece about your Cal Teach experience.  Requirements of the piece will be given during the seminar.