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*PD units available for teachers who organize a math festivals or develop a math games unit.

QUESTIONS ABOUT: Organizing Festivals, using math games, earning PD units,

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Choose the games you want to use in your festival or in your classroom. Below are Game PDFs you can view and print.  For a two hour malth festival you need 5 - 7 games. You can also google and find lots more games.  All the games below have been used successfully in the class and in math festivals.

  1. a+b=3, addition facts (grades 1 and above)
  2. Behind The Wall, explaining mathematical thinking with pattern blocks. K- Middle School
  3. Blast Off rules, Blast Off game boards, number facts. (2nd grade and above) #: 2nd grade- Middle School
  4. Factor Game rules, Factor Game Board, factoring (4th grade and above) #: 4th grade - Middle School
  5. Yahtzee rules, Yahtzee score card number sense.(3rd grade and above) #: 3rd - Middle School
  6. Product Game, products and factors. (4th grade and above) #: 4th - Middle School
  7. 24- game, Number sense, factoring. 2nd - Middle School
  8. Dominoes, subitizing, addition and subtraction (K and above).  K- Middle School
  9. Hurkel, Alternate Hurkel Board, graphing (3rd – algebra)
  10. Salude, addition facts (k – 3)
  11. Addition Hangman, any grade that needs prcatice with fast addition facts
  12. Fraction-1, adding fractions 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/12, 5/12 together to get 1. Based on Black Jack, any grade that needs prcatice with fast fraction sense
  13. More Fraction card games.
  14. Four more card games, Precent, fractions, algebra , probability.
  15. The Corner Stone for Teachers site has some good math games.
  16. Fraction Card games visit site
  17. Green Globs, a graphing game for pre-Algebra - Trig.