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Math Walks/Math Trails


What is a math walk?

A Math walk is an opportunity to take your students out of the classroom to solve a variety of math problems related to shapes, structures and numbers in their environment.

Mathematics is a subject in which we have to create thinkers not memorizers.  It is a subject that involves communication, history and literature as well as numbers. 


As math teachers, we have the responsibility not just to develop students' mathematical skills, but, to prepare them to be able to use those skills in life. A Math walk can present an exciting way to do just that.


We want to provide experiences for our students that move them out into the community, to raise their appreciation of the things in their everyday environment and to help them to discover applications of math in the real world.


Math is all around us, and taking your students on a Math walk is a great way to get them to see the world through the eyes of mathematics. 

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