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PDF articles available for viewing and download:

Equitable Practices in Mathematics Classrooms


Mathematics Common Core and Language


Supporting the Participation of English Learners in Mathematical Discussions


Principles and Guidelines for Equitable Mathematics Teaching Practices and Materials for English Language Learners

Resources relevant to mathematics teaching


Short articles:


Hiebert, J., & Grouws, D. A. Effective Instruction Brief.



Resnick, L., & Zurawsky, C. (2006). Do the math: Cognitive demand makes a difference. Research Points: Essential Information for Educational Policy, 4(2), 1-4.




Common Core aligned tasks and lessons

  • NCTM Illuminations



  • Inside Mathematics



  • Understanding Language Math Resources: Annotated tasks and lessons




Resources for learning to lead classroom discussions:


1. Five practices for orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions, Smith & Stein. Corwin Press. This book's 5 practices connect students' approaches with the underlying mathematics and help teachers support productive classroom discussions.


2. Classroom Discussions: Using Math Talk to Help Students Learn, Grades 1-6,

Chapin, S. C., O'Connor, C., & Anderson, N. C. (2003). Sausalito, CA: Math Solutions Publications.

This book provides a unique look into the significant role of classroom discussions in mathematics teaching in grades 1 through 6. Five discussion strategies are introduced to help teachers strengthen students' thinking and learning and help them build connections among mathematical ideas. A valuable outline is provided to help teachers get started using talk in the classroom, plan lessons, and deal with challenges. Two case studies are also included for further insight into how teachers can use talk effectively.


3. Classroom Discussions: Seeing Math Discourse in Action Grades K–6 (Multimedia Professional Learning Resource). Math Solutions.

This set of materials provides pre-service and in-service instructors, coaches and facilitators with real, classroom-based video examples that illustrate the principles and practices covered in the authors' best-selling book, Classroom Discussions: Using Math Talk to Help Students Learn, Grade K–6, Second Edition. Ideally the three components – guide, DVD, and book – are used together. The video examples demonstrate how the talk tools described in the book can be used successfully in typical classrooms.

The full set of materials provides DVDs, a Facilitator's Guide that includes reproducible materials.

Here are three examples of math classroom videos on the Math Solutions website. The first one is a first grade in a two-way bilingual school.