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For information about either of the Math Teachers' Circles MBAMP sponsors, please click on the title below. -- Check out this website for  more about math teacher circles', their history and how they effect the professional development of math teachers.

 1. San Benito County Math Talks
The San Benito County Math Talks are a colloquium series in San Benito County sponsored jointly with San Benito County of Education.  A different speaker presents topics each month. This meeting occurs on the 1st Tuesday of each month, and is located at the San Benito County Office of Education boardroom.
2. UCSC  Math Teachers’ Circle
The mission of a Math Teachers' Circle is to promote a culture of enjoyment of mathematics problem solving activities among middle and high school teachers with the expectation that they will bring their enthusiasm back to their classrooms. The Santa Cruz Math Teachers' Circle provides this opportunity to the teachers in the Santa Cruz, as well as, providing a forum where they can meet and discuss curriculum and classroom issues in a relaxed atmosphere.   This once a month meeting occurs on the 2nd Thursday of each month and will be meeting in different locations. Click  Math Teachers’ Circle to RSVP to attend.  
Meetings for October, November, December,  March, and April are on ZOOM. Feb and May will be in person if Covid safety allows!!