The San Benito County Math Talks host a Math Teachers' Circle sponsored by: The San Benito County Office of Education (SBCOE) & MBAMP


We invite you to attend!

Meetings will be held the first Tuesday of each month at 4:30 PM.

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About the San Benito County Math Talks

The San Benito County Math Talks are a colloquium series in San Benito County sponsored jointly with San Benito County of Education.  The series is the first Tuesday of each month from 4:30 PM-6:30 PM.  Topics (math content and pedagogy) are presented by a different speaker each month. 

This Series was begun as a follow-up to a CaMSP grant (SMART 2006-2009) between MBSP, Aromas, and MBAMP. Former participants worked together to start these talks.

Gloria Brown-Brooks is the teacher coordinator of the Talks.  Suzie Caughey, MBAMP Teacher Leader, is the facilitator of the Talks.


From the San Benito County Office of Education:

The San Benito County Office of Education is thrilled that one of our San Benito County Alternative Education teachers, Gloria Brooks, is taking the lead to facilitate having teachers come together to further develop their skills and knowledge about mathematics through the Math Talks. Gloria is an exceptional teacher and leader. San Benito County Office of Education will be providing the facility for the meetings, distribution of notices, and some fiscal support for contracting for presenters.  It’s wonderful that MBAMP will also be supporting the program. This collaboration is very much needed in our county. We very much appreciate your support.