The 5 Steps to do an Independent Study (IDS)

Earn 1 – 3 Graduate Education Units

This IDS can be for an individual 
or a small group (1 – 5 participants)

STEP 1: Submit a proposal.

 Include in your proposal:

  • A title page with the title of your IDS, date of application, and participant names, bios, and contact information.
  • A Description of your project that includes your goal and an area of need and/or interest to you.  Explain how the proposed professional development IDS that you design will address the identified area of need and/or interest.  (i.e., what you expect to learn or be able to do as a result of the IDS.  Include projected teacher and student outcomes.  (100-300 words)
  • A Timeline with when and what order the work will be done.  Include projected meetings, projected agendas for meetings, and projected beginning and ending date.

Please see example of an IDS work plan and timeline SAMPLE Steps for IDS.pdf

Submit the proposal as a PDF or Word attachment to MBAMP Program Coordinator Michelle Voorhees

STEP 2: Participate in a mentoring session.

This session will be with a MBAMP mentor and can be by phone or in person.  During this session you will receive feedback on your plan and develop a final version of your IDS. Remember you can always contact your mentor for advice or help with your project.

STEP 3: Do the Independent Study, following your time line.

STEP 4: Write a 1-2 page summary of your study. 

This could include: professional development goals met, math content learned, effects on your teaching, student outcomes, lesson plans developed, and next steps.

STEP 5: Submit completed draft.

Include the title page, description, timeline, and summary and e-mail to Michelle Voorhees.  You will receive comments on the revisions needed.  If revisions need to be made, you may need to resubmit the study before you receive units.  Once the study has been approved, you will receive the forms to apply for your units.  This course is approved for 1-3 units.  Your work will determine the units received.

Units for attending:

  1. San Benito County Math Talks
  2. Math Teachers' Circle

If you attend one of the MBAMP colloquium/workshop series (above) and want to receive units, you can sign up to do an Independent Study.  This entails submitting an Independent Study proposal, attending at least three sessions, and finishing with writing a short reflective piece.

Follow the above steps for completing an Independent Study.  The timeline and description need to include the attendance of one of the colloquium/workshop series.