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Registration will close on Friday March 5, 8:00 am


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After the conference, a closing survey will be emailed to you. 

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Session Descriptions and Presenters' bios 

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 Conference Details:

Interactive Virtual

Math and Science Conference

Saturday, March 6, 2021

9:00 am to 3:00 pm


  • Registration  live HERE 
  • Zoom Link will be emailed on March 5
  • 1-semester-unit will be available from UOP. $80.00/unit; details will be in the  closing survey. 

There will be four more MBAMP Math Teachers' Circles.  Except for the March session; MTC is held the 2nd Tuesday of the month on Zoom from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  Location: After you RSVP, a Zoom link will be emailed to you as the date approaches.


MARCH: TWO MTC sessions at the STEAM conference,

(held during the STEAM conference, registration link above):

 Karl Schaffer


Title of Talk: Moving with Circles


Karl .png



Steve Pomerantz


Steve has been presenting  geometry through Islamic tiling at MBAMP events since 2014. 

Title of talk: Use Desmos (or Compass/Straightedge) to enter the world of mathematical art.



APRIL 13, 2021 Richard Montgomery.

Richard is retired, but very active mathematically with his students and zoom speaking all over the world. His MTC talk is still TBA.

RSVP: to, by April 9, 2021


May 11, 2021: Marty Weissman: 

Marty was on the team with Judith and Sumita to start the MBAMP Math teachers' circle. For the first few years Marty did all the talks each month.  His talk is still TBA. 

RSVP: to, by May 7, 2021

Marty .png 


MBAMP is here to support teachers navigate teaching during the pandemic.

- Using games in with your students
- Math festivals: Math Festivals.
- MBAMP PD Facebook group:FB link 
-email MBAMP Director Judith Montgomery, for
support using anything on the
MBAMP website 


MBAMP's last in-person event before SIP was 

Happened on Saturday March 7, 2020


Thank you to:  UCSC Faculty and Staff.

The MBAMP Leadership Team as well as many teachers

who went  above and beyond to give their support. 


STEAM Ending Survey 


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MBAMP supports




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 MBAMP supports using MATH GAMES.

 List of math games. Slide show about Math Festivals. 

HELP for planning a math festival at your school or in your district is here!  

Email MBAMP Director Judith Montgomery


Enjoy mathematics through game playing.  Experience the excitement of learning mathematics with fun. Gain knowledge and confidence. Discover the thrill of learning mathematics for its own sake.



MBAMP’s Math Teachers’ Circle has been moved to ZOOM


If you want to attend email:  


 General PO Information for any MBAMP event:

  • List: The name(s) of the teacher(s) attending on the PO.
  • Cost iswhat ever the cost for the specific event. For Example: The summer institute is $400.00
  • Make PO payable to: UC Regents/MBAMP
    • Email: (preferred) to:,
    • By mail: MBAMP/ UCSC Math Office, 4th floor McHenry Library, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

The MBAMP office is in McHenry Library and open by appointment only. Email MBAMP Director Judith Montgomery 


The 1-day conferences are usually: 9am to 3 pm, UCSC McHenry Library 1st floor, specific details are included in each event description.

Getting Here  Interactive Campus Map of UCSC &  Directions,  MAP of Hahn Parking and walk to McHenry.

Fees  for 1-day conferences are usually: $35.00 - $45.00 /teacher/day ($20.00 for students). Specific information will be on the flyer.

1-unit will be available for purchase for full day events ($80.00) for participation in conferences.

Parking is FREE at the Hahn lot on Saturdays.

QUESTIONS? Email: Judith Montgomery MBAMP Program Director


QUESTIONS ABOUT MBAMP or any of the events?  EMAIL:Judith Montgomery Program Director

Mailing address: MBAMP - Math Department UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, 4th Floor McHenry,  Santa Cruz, CA 95064

  • Go to Colloquia for information about the:
    • UCSC Math Teachers' Circle (2nd Thurs of each month, Oct - May). 
    • San Benito County Math Talks (1st Tues of each month) Sept- May.


FAQs about  MBAMP 

  1. Q: What do I do if I have general questions about MBAMP?

    1. A: Spend some time looking around the website.  Go to all the links on the NAV and on this HOME page.

    2. A: If you have questions after that email Judith Montgomery 

  2. Q:  How do I view math games on this site?

    1. A: List of math games. Slide show about Math Festivals.

    2. A: You can go the the resources page above on the NAV.

  3. Q: What is the Location of the MBAMP at UCSC? 

    1. A: UCSC McHenry Library. 4th floor room 4147

  4. Q: I don't know UCSC. What should I do to find McHenry Library?

    1. A: This link is an interactive Campus Map of UCSC. Use it to find McHenry Library. MBAMP is located in the 4th floor of McHenry Library on the UCSC campus.  We are in room 4147.  MAP of Hahn Parking and walk to McHenry.

    2. A: You can use Google map from your computer or your phone.

  5. Q: What is the Parking situation at the UCSC for MBAMP events?  
    1. A: If you are coming to a Saturday event at UCSC,  THE PARKING IS FREE. You can park in the Hann parking lot and walk over to McHenry. MAP of Hahn Parking and walk to McHenry.
    2. A: If you are coming on a weekday, you will need to stop at the parking kiosk at the main entrance on High Street and buy a permit.  The permit costs $6.00/day.  They will give you a map and help finding McHenry Library. You can park in Hann parking lot or the Performing Parking lot. 
  6. Where to we send a Purchase Order to pay for a conference fee?
    1. A: Send a PDF of the PO in an email to  Judith Montgomery.  Inculde Teachers' names and School name.
  7. What is the MBAMP mailing address? 
    1. Mailing address:
      MBAMP - Math Department
      UC Santa Cruz
      1156 High Street

      4th Floor McHenry
      Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Monterey Bay Area Math Project

Promote Your Page Too Remember MBAMP is ready to help with the implementation of Common Core State Standards around Mathematics (CCSS-M). If you are interested in MBAMP assisting with Professional Development (PD) for CCSS-M , email Judith Montgomery by clicking on her email on the right side of the page.