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Links of Interest, by Topic

Math games to use in with k - 12 students:

Look at the list of Math games to download from the Math Fesvials section of our website.  

Resources from 2013 summer institute are available to view and/or download.  A few of the topics are:

  • 5 Strands of "Mathematiciency"
  • Math LOOPS
  • CGI Planning
  • CGI Strategies
  • Formal Algorithms -vs- invented strategies 
  • Good questions for teaching math: Why we ask them and what to ask ? 

Implementing the Standards for Mathematical Practice by Increasing Student Engagement and Building Academic Language Skills

MBAMP page that lists academic language used in "sharing out."  This  pedagogy is designed to build the language skills of diverse learners when learning mathematics.  Academic language instruction happens along side mathematics instruction. 

The language for sharing  out  pages can be made into posters for dispaly in the classroom, to be put on desks.  You can get your  students to make the posters.

Cognitively Guided Instruction 

 BookChildren's Mathematics: Cognitively Guided InstructionGoals of CGI from the Iowa Dept. of Education, 

Book: Extending Students' Understanding of Fractions Presentation by Dr. Susan Empson.


Video of Dr. Susan Empson talking about CGI 

CGI: The Kindergarten Files Free iTunes video podcasts

Sidwell Friends School Wednesday Morning Math

Math Made Fun with Michelle Fleming

The Wise Owl Factory

Munch, Munch Math with Raven Graham

More, Much Much Math with Raven Grahm

Common Core State Standards

Common Core Math Standards

Pi Day

How to have a Pi day

Math Festivals

How to have a Math Festival

The Corner Stone for Teachers has some good math games.

Math Teachers' Circles

Math Teachers' Circles 

Math Walks

How to have a Math Walk.

Number Talks and Rekenrek Beads

What are Number Talks? 

Number Talk intro Teacher talk about number talks

4th grade teacher talks about Number Talks

Book: Number Talks: Helping Children Build Mental Math and Computation Strategies

Math Fiction:  What is some good math fiction?

Parent I can statements: General example WCSA example